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What exam services can we offer?

⦁    RHCSA examination service

EX200 - Red Hat Certified System Administrator (RHCSA) exam

⦁    RHCE examination service

EX300 - Red Hat Certified Engineer (RHCE) exam

⦁    RHCA examination service

RHCE must pass at least 5 of the following exams and keep the associated certifications current


Our Services

1. Exam Dumps operation instructions on secure pdf files
2. Downloadable simulator of real exam environment
3. Senior teachers will provide you with technical consulting service

4.Assessment of skill level before examination

Product Purchase Guide

Buyers are fully responsible for the exam fees and exam bookings at their local test-centers. Under no circumstances 591RH are responsible for exam registration process on behalf of exam-candidates.
The following points are noteworthy to review:
“Proposed” exam date are tentative dates where an exam-taker is planning to take the exam at a planned date/time.
“Confirmed” exam date are those dates that exam-takers completed the exam fees payments and already scheduled a seat.
Please ensure first with our course-consultants before proceeding to payments on
“PROPOSED” or “CONFIRMED” exam dates.


591 Red Hat

RHCSA examination service

EX200 - Red Hat Certified System Administrator (RHCSA) exam


591 Red Hat

RHCE examination service

EX300 - Red Hat Certified Engineer (RHCE) exam


591 Red Hat

RHCA examination service

RHCA is the highest level of certification introduced by Red Hat

Individual Exam

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We provide the real exam experience and preparations- Guaranteed

Why settle with less, when you could prepare, practice and master the skills/domains of exam with our real-exam simulation 

Get fully prepared and fully ready before the big-day with our expert solutions, video tutorials and guidance

Seek help from our red hat expert teams during LIVE Q&A sessions on current solutions, trouble-shooting techniques, exam tips/tricks & updates.

Prepare well but do not settle with “LESS”

Real Exam Questions and Solutions at your fingertips

Tech. support and updates


RHCSA & RHCE Proposed Study Plan

We develop an 8-day proposed study plan for you, aiming to help you learn the practical skills required to pass RHCSA and RHCE. Among them, the first five days are the skills that RHCSA needs to master, and the last three days are the skills that RHCE needs to master. Our intensive and comprehensive, short-term programs will help walk you through each domain that will be tested in both the exams, as well as the variations that you are likely to encounter.

More so, it is important for you to know that this is not a technology based class. However, it is a sectional breakdown of the real exam and our experts will be readily available to walk you through them from the very first day of the boot camp all through to the 8th day.

At the end of the training, candidates will have to sit for 591RH Mock-exam simulation, where their knowledge will be tested based on what they’ve learnt as a preparation for the real RHCSA | RHCE Exam. At the end of the test, our experts will grade their work.



  • Command Line

  • Managing Files

  • Getting Help

  • Working with test files

  • Gedit vim

  • Local users and Groups


  • Permissions

  • Processes

  • Managing services

  • Open SSH

  • Logs


  • Networking

  • Archiving files

  • Software Packages

  • Config yum

  • File system

  • XFS file system

  • RH134


  • Kickstart

  • Regular expressions

  • Cron and at

  • Process priorities

  • ACLs


  • Network users


  • Partitions and filesystems

  • Logical volumes

  • Access nfs

  • Access smb

  • Boot troubleshooting

  • Firewalls

  • RH254


  • Link aggregation and bridging

  • Network port security

  • Email



  • Block-based storage

  • File-based storage

  • MariaDB databases

  • Apache HTTPD


  • Config https

  • Bash control structures

  • Comprehensive review



591RH is a China based company founded by an expert team of red hat instructors in 2016. We pride ourselves in our ability to apply our enormous and rich exam training experience garnered locally to help in providing our students with the best possible hands on exam simulation training, exam tips, tricks, and recommendations. With our proven methodology and proper guidance, it is possible for any International Customers to pass the exam on first-attempt.

Over the past five-year period as instructors, we have been able to produce over 300 RHCE certifications from our Chinese students. We boost a large team of certified and expert instructors with a great deal of experience in RHCE, setting us apart from other DUMP vendor companies that have been founded by non-technical business persons, who wrongly thinks DUMPS alone can make you pass.


At 591RH, we are deeply positioned to offer world class, best practices and approaches to help our students excel in today’s demanding exam certifications RHCSA and RHCE. Our Chinese red hat instructors possess deep industry knowledge and exam experience accumulated from our home-base of 1000s of Chinese test-takers and passing these gems of knowledge down to International based customers.

Join us as we begin the Technology Silk Road from China to the World!


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