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Is RHCE still worth getting?

Work also has 2 years of time, usually will be exposed to all kinds of technology, but the old field is operational, then for Linux or are interested in, also added a variety of technical communication group, also bought a variety of learning books, naturally have to also know the RHCE attestation, colleagues in the company also know, as the growth of the working fixed number of year, we are trying to improve their strength, for pay rises and move the capital, some colleagues think of take an examination of an international certification, will be more persuasive, others disagree, feel the certificate can not achieve the desired effect.

Certificate, in my opinion, is a technology over a given period of time a confirm for you, if you just want to rely on the certificate to get high salary or other special treatment, so I'm sorry, don't say is the RHCE, even RHCA could not reach the requirements of you, in the domestic counterparts, certification exam should know like this IT is a question, even if you don't know anything, as long as IT is back to question bank can also pass the exam.But the test is just a test, the test can't put the knowledge inspection again, the examination can only choose some key knowledge to inspect your understanding of relevant knowledge, if you just according to the requests itself by examination level that must be doing project or come out to look for a job is not satisfactory, enterprises should is the real technology, no false, will be, not is not.For example, the teacher teaches students the Numbers 1-10, 100-200, and 300-1000, but the test only tests the three Numbers: 3,130,560.One more real authentication point: add a user named Natasha, with adminuser as its affiliated group;This requirement is to test the understanding and grasp of the examinee's knowledge of user and user group management.Yes, the title simply looked at the simple command useradd-g adminuser natasha, and, believe it or not, it took most people 10 minutes to remember, but it doesn't mean you have all the knowledge of users, user group management.So how can you learn Linux to truly master the fundamentals of technology and pass RHCSA and RHCE certification?Let's start by looking at what is the main test point of RHCE?

  • Configure static routing, packet filtering, and network address translation

  • Set kernel run parameters

  • Configure the Internet minicomputer (iSCSI) starter

  • Generate and provide system utilization reports

  • Automate system maintenance tasks using shell scripts

  • Configure system logging, including remote logging

  • Configure the system to provide network services, including HTTP/HTTPS, file transfer protocol (FTP), network file system (NFS), server message block (SMB), simple mail transfer protocol (SMTP), secure shell (SSH), and network time protocol (NTP)

Look at so many knowledge points do not feel big head.Setting aside the students who attend the professional training, it's no doubt that finding a good textbook is the key to learning Linux, just as it is the same principle that finding a master student can help you avoid many detours.RHCE is a practical certification, so here are some tips for those of you learning Linux:

1. Commands are the most basic of Linux, just like you have to learn pinyin to speak. This is the most basic.

2.Understanding the service architecture, trying to understand some of the principles of the service architecture, such as FTP,SAMBA, etc., being able to understand the principles of the service architecture is very helpful for you to be proficient in configuring related services.

3. Do more experiments. Only hands can verify your understanding of knowledge..

What others say is only what others say.Only you can know the result if you do it by yourself. RHCE is a certificate that can prove your ability, and it is a affirmation of your learning Linux for a period of time, making it a milestone in your life, not the end of your technology.In this way, it has played its due value, also achieved a positive upward you!

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