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What is PMP?

Updated: Apr 16, 2020

Kavin is a team leader of an IT company. Recently he has taken of job of developing a new application for his company. After the new project was officially authorized and him being assigned as the project manager. He started creating a project plan step by steps:

1. Identify a highlevel project’s goal, deliverables, tasks, cost and deadline.

2. Identify and meet with key stakeholders. During the meeting with the project sponsor and several key stakeholders, not only did Kavin present the scope and value of the project to them, but also present all issues in a clear and transparent manner to avoid conflict with the organization.

3. Set the prioritize goals for the project. In this process, Kavin outlined the objectives of the project and the important and key things that the key stakeholders hope to achieve.

4. Define detailed deliverables. Kavin identified the detailed scope and deliverables of the project in order to meet the project’s goals. By making a list of things that Kavin are required to accomplish, he came up with ways of ensuring that they will be completed and setting deadlines.

5. Create the project schedule. In this step, Kavin went through all the deliverables and outline a series of tasks which should be completed in order of what is the most urgent. Based on this, he create a detailed project schedule.

6. Identify issues and complete a risk assessment. In this step, Kavin identified risks and assessed all those risks by understanding the potential impacts resulting from the interruption of time sensitive or critical business processes and finding ways to minimize their impacts.

7. Present the project plan to the key stakeholder and gain approval. After creating the project plan, Kavin met with the stakeholders and was able to confidently and clearly communicate to the stakeholders and answer questions that pertain to the project. And eventually, approval was gained regarding to the project plan Kavin created.

Now, the question you may ask regarding to the story above is that how did Kavin know all these processes to create a perfect project plan in such a smooth way? And further more, how did he know what to do in detail during each of those steps? And how did he know which tools and technology to choose to be used?

Well, the answer is simple: not only did Kavin is an experienced and professional project manager, but also, the most important thing is he has gained the PMP certification which has given him professional knowledge regarding to planning, executing, monitoring and finishing a project.

There you see, that’s what this article about: introducing the PMP certification to you.

What is PMP?

PMP (stands for “Project Management Professional”) is an international and professional certification for project management profession. The standard and examination of PMP certification were created by PMI (Project Management Institute, America) .

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