EX342 - Exam Simulator VIP Package

EX342 - Exam Simulator VIP Package

$900.00 Regular Price
$500.00Sale Price

1. Exam Dumps operation instructions on secure pdf files
2. Downloadable simulator of real exam environment
3. Senior teachers will provide you with 60 days of technical consulting service

Terms and Conditions

These terms and conditions are applicable to  RedHat products services offered by 591RH. You understand and accept that:

1. The downloadable Exam Simulator provided by us (based on VMware) has certain performance requirements for your PC.

Make sure the minimum configuration for your PC is: no less than 8GB of Memery, i5 CPU, no less than 300GB space of Hard Disk .
Recommended configuration: 16GB Memery, i7 CPU, no less than 300GB space of SSD Hard Disk 

2. The products we provide to you include: PDF format Exam Dumps (including exam questions and solutions), Exam Simulator

PDF files are encrypted documents that can only be used on your personal computer and are valid for 2-3 months
The Exam Simulator is based on Vmware platform, the recommended version of Vmware software is version 14, and the Exam Simulator is valid for 2-3 months

3. After your payment is completed, we will provide you with the Exam Simulator and 90% of the Exam Dumps as soon as possible.
You need to make an appointment two weeks before the exam and provide us with proof of appointment with personal information. Then we provide you with 100% of the Exam Dumps and exam Suggestions.

4. We have a teacher and teaching assistants under SKYPE groups for technical support. Communication shall be on Email/Skype messaging
If you purchase products including Teacher technical support, teacher will provide support for the technical questions in the Exam dumps.
If you purchase products that do not include Teacher technical support, teacher will only provide support for product quality issues.
5. Our service hours are 9:00-12:00 am and 14:00-21:00 PM from Monday to Friday Beijing time (except national statutory holidays)
If you send questions on skype, we will reply within two hours
6. If you fail the exam due to your own reasons and exceed the service period.You have to pay again to get the service.
If the exam fails due to the inaccuracy of the Exam Dumps provided by us, we will provide you with a second service free of charge.(You need to provide RedHat with your Exam transcript, which must be the original email)
7. Please do not share all the products we offer in the internet forum/study-groups. All Lab Solution materials, and associated services are for individual consumption and study purposes. Or else we will terminate our services for you.
8.You may not terminate/cancel these services after receiving access credential details on your PayPal email account ID.
We do not have a return policy and offer no refunds. Products or services cannot change to another Products or services after purchase.

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